“Quick Response” codes, also known as QR codes have actually been here for a decade. They look like a black and white dotted box and they are utilized by different business industries. If you haven’t heard about QR codes as a data matrix, then you are missing out!

QR codes used to spruce up business marketing strategies.

Many business owners are using QR codes mainly to promote their companies and businesses. These two-dimensional codes are created by the Japanese and they can amazingly hold more information than anyone can imagine.

The machine can read the code both in horizontal and vertical positions and even on the sides. After your gadget reads them, you can automatically and without any hassle pull out any information such as texts, videos, photos, URLs and even music.

How does it work?


Anyone can make a QR code himself without any difficulty. These codes need to be scanned and are attached to a coupon, website, text message or calendars. To generate a QR code, you need to create your code online.

By using our QR generator, you can spruce up your own business in the following ways:

  1. Improves your marketing materials. By using QR codes, you can direct your buyers to your how-to-videos to help them get started on using your product or direct your potential customers to your landing page so they can avail your services.
  2. Adding QR codes to your business cards is the fastest way to market and promote your business. The QR code can be set up in such a way that it will direct the scanners to your online portfolios and resume, Facebook page, and website. The main reason is to help them see your contact information and business faster and easier.
  3. Adding freebies and discounts. Promos are what make your business fun. Place a QR code on your storefront door, giving your customers a 10% discount on their purchases or a free give away.

Summary of the amazing features of QR Code Generator:

  1. Generates QR code images and URLs.
  2. Our QR application offers over ten possible types of information (email, phone, V-card, location etc)
  3. User-friendly interface to create QR Codes.
  4. Enables possible customizations. You can adjust the image size and encoding.

Here are the steps on how to generate a code.

  1. Add your information in the box that says “texts.”
  2. Choose what type of information you want to add (e.g. text, email, V-card, Wi-Fi etc).
  3. Click “generate QR code.”
  4. On the right side, you can choose to preview the image.
  5. When you are happy with what you have, you can go ahead and hit download.
  6. Next is, you need to integrate the images into your system, application or website.
  7. Create and print your locations as QR code.
  8. Then you are good to go.
  9. After you set up your QR code, the code needs to be scanned using a smartphone or a computer and read your code with just a click of a camera.
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