Mobile Friendly

So do you want to get more Facebook Likes and connect with your fans faster and easier? Facebook QR Codes is perfect for you. This QR Code takes users to your mobile-friendly page to display the clickable “Like” button next to your total Facebook fans. This fast way to the “Like” button will finally bring your Facebook page its well-deserved attention and popularity. Use this QR Code if you want to generate more Facebook Likes for your brand or business. After scanning, users will see the “Like” button right away. While on your page, they can hang around to get more information.

A feature called Mobile-Optimized Viewing enables the Code content displayed to be optimized for mobile devices so your user can navigate easily by sliding a finger across the screen or tapping on the interactive elements. You can also get access to all relevant data: number of scans, time, place and smartphone operating system used for each scan. The data recorded is in real time and is easy to view.

The customization feature will make your QR gets noticed. Change your QR Code design to fit your marketing campaign and motivate customers to scan. It can also be print-ready. These QR Codes are in four high-quality image file formats: JPG, PNG, EPS and SVG. These can be used for all printing or design purposes, even for posters with very large Codes. And because of the QR Code Management Software, you can replace target URLs even after your Code has already been printed and distributed.

There are different QR Code types to choose from, both Dynamic and Static ones. Dynamic Codes allow you to change their contents without generating the Code again. Furthermore, you can track the scans of these QR Codes. Select the Facebook QR Code in the list of Dynamic Codes.

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